Fuel Instruments & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Fuel Instruments & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. - ( FIE, FIEGroup, FIE Group, FIE Foundation, FIE Group Of Companies, FIE Business Group )

About FIE    

FIE  from the inception in 1953 stands as example to various industries about how to grow efficiently in adverse condition also. After first indigenously made hardness tester in 1963 FIE has never looked back, and achieved remarkable growth. Till date there are nearly 38000 machines installed through out the world.

The quality standards of these machines are comparative to any similar machines of leading Manufacturer, Supplier of the world. The major population of the machines exists in countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Germany, Italy, Belgium, USSR, Japan, Australia and Middle East. Numerous awards are to the credit to FIE for the excellence.

All the activities are backed by modern infra-structure are highly qualified & experienced staff.

An advanced stage Research force was formed to assist the activities of FIE & the surrounding industries in the form of  FIE Research Institute in 1979.

Fuel Instruments & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
The main objectives are...    
Extension of knowledge in the field of natural and applied sciences.
Conducting experiment with a view to develop new raw materials, processes, components, equipments & machines which are mainly import substitution.
Improvisation in the exiting materials, processes and machines.
Encouragement to the activities of the surrounding industries.
Universal Testing Machines Mechanical Universal Testing Machines Electronic Universal Testing Machines

Other Product Range

Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machines Unitek 9400  Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machines Unitek 9700  Electro-Mechanical PC Control Universal Testing Machine  Compression Testing Machines Erichsen Testing Machines Laminated Spring Testing Machines Torsion Testing Machines Impact Testing Machines Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines Vickers Hardness Tester VM 50 Computerised Vickers Hardness Tester [Model : VM 50 PC]Computerised Brinell Image Analysis System [B.I.A.S] Computerised Fully Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester Model : B 3000-PC-FA Portable Brinell Hardness Tester SAROJ make Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine Brinell Hardness Tester Model B 3000 [O] Brinell Hardness Tester Model B 3000 [H] Dynamic Balancing Machine Model HDM   Dynamic Balancing Machine model HDCM   Dynamic Balancing Machine Model HDVM & HDVTM  Computerised MicrovickersHardness Tester (Model-MV-1 PC)
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